Jacob Danial Richter


Phone: (585) 746-0332                       

Email:                                          Department of English

                                SUNY Onondaga Community College

237 Buckingham Avenue                          

Syracuse, NY 13210                                                     


ACADEMIC PREPARATION AND HONORS__________________________


M.A. in English, University at Buffalo  (2016)

  • Comprehensive Thesis Project (Summer 2016) (Birth of the Authors: Digital Collaboration, Electrate Invention and the Dissenting Voice).


B.A. in Professional Writing, State University of New York, College at Cortland (2011-2015)

B.A. in English, State University of New York, College at Cortland (2011-2015)

Honors at SUNY Cortland: Dean’s List, Marion C. Thompson Memorial Scholarship, Father Edward J. O’Heron Scholarship, Sigma Tau Delta honor society, Magna Cum Laude graduate.


AREAS OF INTEREST______________________________________________


Digital and Networked Rhetorics; Composition Studies; Postmodern Literature; Political Theory (Marxism); Critical Literary Theory; Working-Class American Literature; Disability Theory; Creative Fiction Writing. 




  • Adjunct Lecturer of English, SUNY Cortland    (Spring 2017)

    • Construction and administration of class blogs for two 22-member Freshman composition courses. ​

  • Adjunct Lecturer of Writing and English, Onondaga Community College (Fall 2016).  Responsibilities include:

  • Teaching and facilitating two sections of ENG: 099, a (3) credit hour developmental writing class for students requiring individualized instruction and intensive practice in composing and editing short expository prose.

  • Maintaining rapport with 45+ students; development of syllabus + lecture materials; expansion of students’ composition and rhetorical skills; assignment of grades; writing and preparation for final exam.

  • Mentorship of students; cultivation of rich, community-oriented, mutually-beneficial relationships with both students and faculty.


  • Comprehensive MA Thesis, University at Buffalo.  “Birth of the Authors: Digital Collaboration, Electrate Invention and the Dissenting Voice.”  (Spring 2016) (Faculty Advisor: Alex Reid).


  • English as a Second Language Instructor, iTutorGroup (Fall 2016).

    • Instruction of students in conversational English from diverse regions including Central America, China and Eastern Europe using video-interfacing technologies.

    • Construction of lesson plans, long-term student goals and management of varying levels of English comprehension.

    • Implementation of various teaching techniques, styles and adjustments based on student reaction and performance.


  • Content Editor and Contributor at (2016)

    • Day-to-day responsibilities including the review, writing, editing, construction, organization and posting of subject-specified content pages.

    • Tasked with developing a long-term plan of direction for the site, including working within parameters outlined for search engine optimization.


  • Graduate seminar papers at the University at Buffalo (Fall 2015-Spring 2016):

  • “Empire Intensified: Post-Postmodern Signifiers, Transnational Neologism and the Neoliberal Economic Reality.”  (ENG 541: Fiction Intensifying).

  • “What Really Happened in Flint? Narrative Tooling, State-Created Terminologies and the Slow Environmental War Against the Poor.”  (ENG 653: Environmentalism Without Guilt). 

  • “Justifying Existence: Positioning Autism in a World of Capitalist Expectation.”  (ENG 699: Personal Narratives: Autistry).

  • Leaves, Trees and Images of Suicide: Mirror Stage and the Distortion of the “I” Function in “Good Old Neon” (ENG 502: Introduction to Critical Theory).


  • Crystallize, a website I designed, edited and implemented as part of an internship with the SUNY Cortland English Department to showcase the best work produced by the Professional Writing program (Spring 2015).

    • Designed Wordpress site that showcases and archives an entire academic department.

    •  Edited and worked with writers on over 30 pieces for publication in categories of academic, creative and technical compositions.

    • Implemented branding strategies, image control and maintenance of an online presence (including Twitter and Instagram accounts).

    • Link:


  • Digital Phaedrus in the Age of Electracy, a scholarly video project I filmed, edited, wrote, coded and theorized for ENG 585: Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy at the University at Buffalo (Spring 2016).


  • Lead editor of The Cortland Writer (2013-2015)                                                                  

    • Lead a creation team for three issues of SUNY Cortland’s literary magazine, reading and editing over 200 pieces.

    • Vice-President of magazine for three semesters, with responsibilities including leading weekly meetings.


  • Fiction publications:

  • Brief Portraits, appearing in Winter 2014 edition of Neovox (winner of Neovox: Prove Your Now contest award). 

  • Fiction and flash, including On the Slopes and Whale Watchers appearing in various editions of The Cortland Writer.

  • Man to Man, appearing in the Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference booklet as a SUNY Cortland All-College Writing Award winner. 

  • Not Easier But Softer: A Literacy Autobiography, published on Crystallize. 


  • Scholarly Conference Proceedings/ Presentations

  • “A Toast to Latour: Water, Literary Assemblages and the Decision-Makers in Flint, Michigan.” NeMLA Conference. March 2017. Baltimore, MD. Upcoming.

  • “Justifying Existence: Positioning Autism in a World of Capitalist Expectation.”  SEGue: A Symposium for English Graduate Students. College at Brockport, SUNY.  April 2016. Brockport, NY.

  • “Crystalize Launch.” Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference. April 2015.  Cortland, NY.

  • “Man to Man.” Transformations: A Student Research and Creativity Conference. April 2014.  Cortland, NY.


  • Ongoing Scholarly and Creative Activity


  • Writing activities (2011-2015):

    • Staff Writer for The Dragon Chronicle  (Fall 2014-Spring 2015), with 20 articles appearing in Opinions and Lifestyles sections.

    • English Club Vice-President at SUNY Cortland   (2012-2014)

    • Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta, Epsilon Chi chapter English honor society  (2014- 2015).


Scholarly Awards

  • SUNY Cortland All-College Writing Award  (2014)

  • Neovox: Prove Your Now contest award for Creative Nonfiction piece Brief Portraits (2015)

  • SUNY Cortland Residence Life and Housing “Growth in Leadership” award  (2014)

  • SUNY Cortland Residence Life and Housing “Leadership through Synergy” award (2015)

  • Graduate Courses at the University at Buffalo

    • ENG 699: Personal Narratives: Autistry

    • ENG 541: Fiction Intensifying

    • ENG 653: Environmentalism Without Guilt

    • ENG 585: Digital Scholarship and Pedagogy

    • ENG 580: Fiction Workshop

    • ENG 502: Introduction to Critical Theory

    • ENG 501: Introduction to Scholarly Methods

    • Thesis Guidance

    • A full list of graduate and undergraduate courses is available in the form of a transcript.

      • Various Undergraduate Courses at SUNY Cortland, including advanced courses in Grammar, Rhetoric, Evolution of Writing, Modern Irish Drama, Modern Irish Poetry, Victorian Novels, Senior Seminar in Writing, Revising and Editing, Writing Fiction, Writing Poetry, Shakespeare, Creative Non-Fiction Writing and Romantic-era Literature.        


Other career experiences:

Middle/Secondary Substitute Teacher: (August 2015-June 2016)

  • District:                  Buffalo Public Schools.

  • Planned lessons, activities and field trips at multiple inner-city middle/high schools.

  • Taught individually and as part of a team, working multiple long-term jobs. 


Resident Assistant (SUNY Cortland): (Fall 2013-Spring 2015)

  •   Enlarged and maintained a healthy environment on a floor of 30 first-year freshmen

  •  Hosted two educational programs each semester.

  • Designed educational bulletin boards each month. 

  • Acted as staff supervisor of Casey Tower’s Hall Council, facilitating student-run program development twice each semester (in addition to my own individual programs). 

  • Provided assistance to students relating to their well being, safety and education.


Resident Assistant: Summerfuel at University of Massachusetts, Amherst                       (2015)

  • Worked with approximately 100 international high school students.

  • Taught workshops, including creative writing and meditation. 

  • Bridged cultural differences between students from all over the world.


S.H.A.P.E. trained—Sexual health and assault prevention

Up Til Dawn Vice President and Student Government Representative (SUNY Cortland)   (2011-2013)                                                  

Presenter at SUNY Cortland Diversity Conference (sexual assault)   (2015)

Organizer of SUNY Cortland Residence Life and Housing Conference  (2014)

Bridges for Kids “Big Brother”   (2011-2013)



Resident Assistant/Workshop Instructor- Summerfuel at UMass-Amherst (Summer 2015)                

Writings published in Neovox, The Cortland Writer, Crystallize and a Transformations booklet

English Club Vice-President at SUNY Cortland (2012-2014)

Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta, Epsilon Chi chapter English honor society (2014- 2015)

TECHNICAL SKILLS_______________________________________________

Competent in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), Google Apps/Docs, Adobe Photoshop, iMovie, GarageBand.

HTML5 and CSS, Mac/PC savvy, Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), some Java and Python.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS______________________________________________

Sigma Tau Delta

Modern Language Association